Alphanumeric Password

Alphanumeric passwords refer to a kind of password that comprises alphabets and numbers. In its simplest form, alphanumeric passwords only contain letters and numbers, but they can also contain other characters, such as symbols and punctuations.

Alphanumeric passwords are often used to secure digital systems, including social media profiles, online banking, and email accounts.

Examples of alphanumeric passwords

  • He11o (we do not recommend)
  • T7mP9xL2uY8cJ9
  • W1nT4r*SuMmEr2023!

Features of strong alphanumeric passwords

  • Character length: Always ensure the passwords you choose are long; the recommended length is at least 12 characters. 
  • Complexity: Throw in a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters in addition with symbols and numbers. Make it unique. 
  • Unpredictability: Avoid the use of common words; try to use unpredictable combinations. 
  • Uniqueness: Do not repeat passwords on multiple accounts. If the account is compromised, that could spell disaster for the other accounts. 
  • Manageability: We recommend the use of a password manager. They can generate passwords for you and store them as well for auto-fill. The passwords are often complex, and the manager app ensures you don’t have to memorise them.