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The PrivacyRadar team comprises talented and leading cybersecurity experts. The website observes strict journalism ethics and principles to provide our readers with relevant, unbiased, and high-quality content.

We do not compromise our integrity for profit, something that we are proud of.

This is a privacy education and expert security review site and our mission is to infuse transparency and honesty in the internet privacy world.

Our editorial team

Jorge Felix
Jorge Felix Lead cybersecurity writer and Spanish editor

Jorge Félix is Mexican theoretical physicist specialized in Cosmology and Superstring Theory. He’s been a writer on technological and scientific issues for more than 25 years. Has ample experience and expertise in computer technology and a keen interest in digital security issues.

Abeerah is a passionate technology blogger and cybersecurity enthusiast. She yearns to know everything about the latest technology developments. Specifically, she’s crazy about the three C’s; computing, cybersecurity, and communication. When she is not writing, she’s reading about the tech world.

Ruheni Mathenge
Ruheni Mathenge Lead technical writer

Tech researcher and writer with a passion for cybersecurity. Ruheni Mathenge specializes in security-related content dedicated to helping internet users about online security and web freedom worlds. He specializes in VPNs, online anonymity, and encryption. He has worked for many technology platforms. Ruheni explains complicated technical concepts clearly and simply. He advocates digital freedom and online privacy at every level.

Nwachukwu Glory
Nwachukwu Glory News writer

Nwachukwu Glory is a writer, blogger, and tech nerd. She loves trying new gadgets that make life more fun ( and easier). Glory is passionate about digital security and privacy alongside browsing the World Wide Web without any limitations.

Aliu Isa
Aliu Isa Technical writer

Isa is a Nigeria-born professional writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. Having worked with some of the most renowned organizations worldwide, he’s been able to produce and publish hundreds of high-quality articles across a wide range of niches. Over time, Isa has developed an immense interest in digital security and privacy. He has always been a privacy enthusiast, and now, he’s giving it all to educate people on privacy, security, and geo-blocking issues around the world.

Tiziana Piatos
Tiziana Piatos Technical writer

Tiziana is a writer with four years of experience in news and blog writing who always has been digital privacy-conscious. That’ why she has joined PrivacySavvy – to make others privacy-oriented, too. In her spare time, Tiziana enjoys testing privacy and security gadgets and tools for fun. She also likes hitting the local food spots in her hometown.

Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker Technical writer

Sam Walker is a tech-focused writer who has traveled the world but currently lives in Australia. He has a keen interest in digital privacy and security. Sam loves testing new technology and researching the latest security trends to keep others informed (and ultimately safe) online.

The list of our authors above might not be complete since we are constantly adding equally passionate authors. As the leading resource for digital privacy and freedom, we are always seeking authors who share our passion: to make internet users more private. We’d love to hear from you if you feel you’re one of them.

Communications team

Dan Brian
Dan Brian Content Distribution Head

Head of Social and Content Distribution at PrivacyRadar

Securing the digital world: Our focus on internet security

The internet is a risky place where millions of people fall victim to various cybercrimes (phishing being the most common).

Thankfully, you can take certain measures to protect yourself. This can include understanding the risks of ransomware, identity fraud, Trojan horses, hackers, computer viruses, and online scams.

Identifying potential threats is one thing; developing a proactive approach to safeguard yourself from these threats can help you stay safe online. You can reduce the chances of becoming a target for cybercriminals by being informed and taking necessary precautions.

Helping protect users’ online presence: Our focus on privacy

We understand that your privacy is valuable despite it facing mounting challenges in recent years. Many entities like governments, advertisers, and hackers actively strive to access your personal data.
Sometimes, you might need to forego some of your privacy for convenience, like when using a Maps application. Unfortunately, most of these apps and services track online activity, so balancing privacy and convenience is important.

Our aim here at PrivacyRadar is to raise awareness about unscrupulous data collection practices and offer simple solutions to safeguard your online privacy. Considering this, it is crucial to know potential tradeoffs to ensure you employ the right measures to protect your privacy while still enjoying the conveniences of technology.

Navigating online censorship: Why we write about internet freedom

Some countries have strict censorship and massive restrictions on internet resources. For example, China has a low digital security score of 10 out of 100.

You could encounter online restrictions and censorship despite operating in countries with high internet freedoms. This can include being unable to access social media apps or streaming sites while traveling.

Some widespread internet censorship techniques that limit free speech include DNS tampering, IP blocking, and keyword filtering. So, it is crucial to raise awareness about the available forms of internet censorship, their potential impact on society and democracy, and measures people can take to overcome these restrictions.

Enhancing online experience with VPN: Why we write about it

A virtual private network (VPN) is a simple and effective tool to improve your online experience. Nowadays, VPNs are easy to configure and use. When you connect to a VPN server, it will promptly protect and anonymize your online traffic.

Moreover, a VPN can enable you access more parts of the internet. VPNs offer three important benefits: online security, privacy and freedom.

Unfortunately, only around 30% of internet users worldwide use VPN services. Our aim at PrivacyRadar is to enlighten more people about the importance of using a VPN in today’s world and how to maximize its benefits.