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PrivacyRadar doesn’t have any ads and doesn’t do aggressive user tracking except the analytical cookies – just to ensure the best user experience. We are against paid or any type of sponsored content and all authors follow our strict editorial ethics and principles to ensure our readers only utilize useful, human written, high-quality, and unbiased content. At PrivacyRadar, we aim to make all the internet users privacy geeks. Our extensive research is mainly on VPNs, cyber security, online privacy, and internet freedom. Learn more about our mission to know us more.

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We believe that every internet user deserves internet freedom, security, and privacy. To ensure the privacy of our readers and other tech enthusiasts, we do rigorous testing before covering any tool or software on PrivacyRadar. Every privacy or security related tool you will find on our website, like VPN services, password managers, antivirus, ad blockers, cloud storages, or any other tool, all of them have gone through a thorough test by our review and testing team. This is how PrivacyRadar selects the top privacy tools for you. You can go through our comprehensive review process to learn more on how we reivew and test privacy tools.

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Latest news

Crowdstrike Confirms Software Defect Caused Worldwide Outage

Phuong Kieu July 20, 2024

Radar Rundown Crowdstrike has confirmed that a defective software update for Windows caused a global IT outage. The Microsoft outage has affected numerous sectors like airlines, hospitals, banks, media outlets, supermarkets, etc. Crowdstrike has isolated the issue and deployed a fix, referring customers to……Read More

Brazil Kicks Against Meta’s AI Privacy Policy and Demands Revisions
Brazil Lashes Meta’s AI Privacy Policy and Demands Revisions
Phuong Kieu July 10, 2024

Radar Rundown Brazil’s National Data Protection Authority…

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Data Breach Twilio Confirms Hackers Leak 33M Authy User Phone Numbers
Twilio Confirms Hackers Leak 33M Authy User Phone Numbers
Phuong Kieu July 8, 2024

Radar Rundown Twilio confirmed this week that…

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We are a family of privacy, security, and tech enthusiasts, with over 50 writers, editors, and analysts spread across 12+ countries. It is an honour for us to call ourselves privacy geeks and help other internet users enjoy this digital world with freedom. Our comprehensive research revolves around VPNs, digital security, internet freedom, and online privacy.

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Industry Statistics, Facts, and Reports

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25 Revenge Porn Statistics and Surprising Facts
Hasnain Khalid June 20, 2024

Radar Rundown Revenge porn is a widespread…

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Cybersecurity Stats: Facts and Figures You Should Know
55 Cybersecurity Statistics to Know in 2024
Andrew Lawson June 20, 2024

Radar Rundown Cyberattacks have increased significantly in…

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51 Hacking Facts And Statistics You Need to Know
51 Hacking Statistics and Facts You Need to Know in 2024
Hasnain Khalid June 20, 2024

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