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PrivacyRadar is an independent online privacy and security information site intended to spread security awareness among users. We are a non-profit service and do not intend to engage in dubious money-making strategies that exploit users. Our goal is to make every internet user aware of privacy by providing useful guidelines, tips, tutorials, and recommendations for tools and services serving the purpose.

While we stand by our stance of remaining faithful to our customers, we also wish to ensure transparency in this site’s use for our readers. Hence, before continuing to browse PrivacyRadar, ensure you have thoroughly read and understood the details shared in this Disclaimer, our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

PrivacyRadar Serves Informational Purposes Only

Since PrivacyRadar aims to make everyone aware of the digital privacy arena, our content is all about the latest information. However, please be clear that this site’s guidelines, tips, reviews, and other content serve only information purposes. PrivacyRadar, by no means, intends to promote or recommend any product or services covered on this site, advise using specific products (such as particular VPNs), nor do we wish to influence the opinions of our readers.

Likewise, the how-to guides and tips shared here about every topic are for informational use only. If you want expert advice about legal and financial matters regarding any product, such as a VPN’s usage in your area or installing particular software on your device(s), we suggest consulting an authorized expert near you.

Limited Liability

PrivacyRadar strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about every topic covered. Our team thoroughly tests every software reviewed here, and every guideline we share comes from our experience. Similarly, the details about the various VPNs, antivirus software, ad blockers, and other software covered in our articles are fetched from the official websites of the respective vendors to ensure they remain up-to-date.

Yet, despite our best efforts, there is always some probability of errors due to inevitable environmental, technological, and social limitations, and human errors. Since PrivacyRadar is not linked to such services, we shall not be liable for any consequences of such errors.

Furthermore, our editors continue to make changes, amendments, modifications, and corrections of content available on this website without prior notifications. Again, PrivacyRadar won’t be responsible for any claims arising from such information change.

Besides, while we welcome users’ input on our content via the comments section, PrivacyRadar takes no responsibility for users’ opinions expressed via the comments. However, our editorial team thoroughly vets every comment, and we are ready to address any complaints about the comments. Users may contact us via our email address, aq@privacyradar.com, to share their concerns.

How PrivacyRadar Makes Money

PrivacyRadar is an entirely free-of-charge information portal for all privacy enthusiasts. We do not and will never charge our readers to access our content.

Nonetheless, the effort coming in from our editorial team regarding research, software testing, and performing content vetting undoubtedly requires funding. PrivacyRadar collaborates with like-minded services to cater to this requirement, sharing their affiliate links on our platform. Through these links, users may choose to subscribe to/purchase the products of their interest via our website on discounted deals, whereas your gesture helps us earn a small commission that keeps the site up and running free of cost.

While the affiliate links help us earn money, our affiliates do not influence our opinions, reviews, and advice shared here.  

Our Affiliates

To ensure transparency for our users, below we share the list of all our affiliates who help us keep PrivacyRadar going. Our affiliates are all independent service providers with no stakes in PrivacyRadar. Neither our affiliates nor we intend to work together for money-making purposes. We never collaborate with dubious service providers to earn commission. Rather, our affiliates already enjoy a trusted and credible reputation in the market.

Below are the products we are affiliated with:

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Third-Party Data Processing

PrivacyRadar does not intend to collect users’ data and, hence, does not use any particular tracking elements. However, this site includes numerous elements involving third parties, such as affiliate links, offers, and information. These third-party services may use cookies and other web trackers beyond PrivacyRadar’s control. Similarly, those services may have their own data processing policies and terms of service, using which is at your own discretion.

PrivacyRadar disclaims any liabilities arising from your use of third-party services. Nonetheless, we advise you to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of any third-party platform before continuing to interact with the service.

User Security

PrivacyRadar respects users’ privacy, and we strive our best to provide our readers, subscribers, and site visitors with the best browsing experience without security threats.

Apart from reviewing our site for content errors and information updates, we perform regular scans for possible viruses and malicious scripts. We also ensure that the links used on our site do not constitute phishing campaigns.

Despite our best efforts, we can’t provide users with foolproof security as we have no control over user activity on the site. Therefore, we advise all our users to equip their devices with robust antimalware, anti-tracking, and VPN solutions to prevent potential threats.