Privacy Policy

PrivacyRadar prioritizes and respects the right to privacy for our readers, subscribers, and site visitors. Therefore, we apply no specific data tracking elements that may directly or indirectly affect users’ privacy.

At PrivacyRadar, we ensure strict compliance with EU GDPR, which indicates our resolve to protect our users’ data. However, some non-identifiable data may be collected for various purposes, as stated in this Privacy Policy.

By continuing to use this site (, you express your agreement with PrivacyRadar Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy laid down herewith.

PrivacyRadar reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time as deemed right without prior notification. Nonetheless, any changes in our policies will duly be posted here. Therefore, we request our users to keep visiting this page to stay up-to-date with the site’s policies.

How We Collect Your Data

This site does not use web trackers or aggressive tracking tools to collect and log users’ activities. PrivacyRadar merely uses Google Analytics for website functionality and improvements, which involves minimal data collection. Since we do not collect user data, we are under no obligation to share user data with third parties or hand it over to legal authorities.

However, when users interact with this site directly, we may receive some of your personal and non-personal information.

Personal Data

We have shared our contact details on this website so that you may reach out to us anytime for any queries/comments/suggestions/feedback. While we do not ask for your personal data, we may collect your email address, phone number, and other details you use to contact us.

Non-Personal Data

We may collect different non-personal data points to analyze and improve website performance. This includes data about user engagement with this site, such as time stamps, duration of visit, and pages viewed. However, given our use of a privacy-friendly analytics platform, Fathom, we are unable to link these details with users, which means your privacy remains unaffected.

How We Handle Your Data

The information we collect via cookies and other elements on this site is typically used to improve the user experience through website improvements, analytics, feature upgrades, and other administrative tasks.

While the information gathered via this site typically includes non-personal data, you can still opt out of this information sharing via manual settings. For example, you can block cookies from your browser before visiting the site. However, blocking cookies may affect the site’s performance and your experience with PrivacyRadar.

At PrivacyRadar, we make every effort to implement minimally invasive data logging policies, ensuring no personally identifiable data is collected. Furthermore, to provide our users with a safe browsing experience, we strive to collaborate with services that apply similar privacy practices as we do. Still, we have no control over the tracking practices of the third-party URLs, affiliate links, and third-party cookies shared via this website.

As soon as you click on a third-party link, your interaction with PrivacyRadar and the data policies on this site terminates. Your visit to a third-party link is governed by the privacy policies implemented by that third party. Therefore, any data you share with the third-party website or the cookies they store on your device are at your own discretion. As a precaution, we advise you to review their data collection and processing policies thoroughly before browsing the third-party website.

Have Queries? Contact Us Right Away!

PrivacyRadar always welcomes visitors and subscribers’ feedback, comments, queries, and suggestions. We are also open to explaining any clauses in this privacy policy, so feel free to contact us in case of ambiguities.