Anti-phishing Service

Anti-phishing service refers to a sophisticated cybersecurity solution specialized in blocking social engineering attacks such as phishing. Anti-phishing services come in many forms, including web extensions, threat response teams, cybersecurity training, and apps. 

Anti-phishing services can also come equipped with data recovery tools if the phishing attempt is successful. It tends to lean more towards email security since that’s the most common target.   

Real-world anti-phishing service examples

  • Microsoft Defender: This kind of anti-phishing service acts as an added security feature for Office 365. Microsoft Defender offers user training and is equipped with phishing detection, prevention, and analysis tools. 
  • Mimecast: Here, we have an anti-phishing service with a collection of email security tools. It can detect harmful links embedded in messages, offers user training, and deletes or cleans any infected email attachments.
  • Avanan: It provides anti-phishing software for cloud-hosted email services. With the use of trained AI models based on the user’s previous emails, Avanan can detect any potential threats and identify impersonation attempts.