Anti-spyware refers to a type of cybersecurity tool used in the detection and deletion of spyware. Spyware is any malware installed secretly on a user’s device to spy on them and gather sensitive information. 

Since its function is not so robust, anti-spyware is often not a standalone tool but comes as a part of a comprehensive cybersecurity package.

Types of anti-spyware

  • Signature-based detection: This type of spyware functions by using a cryptographic hash function to compare the suspected file against a curated database of common spyware signatures to look for. 
  • Rules-based detection: Here, the anti-spyware can check the system logs and running processes to evaluate just how the file behaves. Since any unnecessary permission requests or unauthorised attempts to connect to the remote server are considered suspicious, it will flag it and notify you. 

Real anti-spyware examples

Using a robust VPN like NordVPN offers threat protection and can scan any files for malware (including spyware) and download them. Since spyware is often difficult to rid your device of even with the best tools, the best course of action is a preventive one.