Conversation Hijacking

Conversation hijacking is a kind of cyberattack that primarily targets emails to spy on activities and conversations with other email addresses. Conversation hijacking also allows the attacker to pose as a legitimate participant in an email conversation.

Conversation hijacking requires the hacker to first access the mailbox or message archive, either through hacking or malware. If that does not work, the attacker can also access message archives from the dark web for a price.

How to stay protected from conversation hijacking

  • Equip every device connected to a specific email account with end-to-end encryption to make it less susceptible to hacks.
  • Using complex email passwords and updating them every 3-6 months.
  • Actively limiting the number of third-party services and tools one email address is registered to.
  • Ensure you conduct frequent checks on your email settings so you can pick out any undesirable updates or rules.