Cyber Incident

We say there’s been a cyber incident when an attacker or group of attackers successfully breach security measures and access a network, system or service. Cyber incidents refer to a wide range of cyber attacks, including data theft, service disruption and large-scale damage. They can cause a business to suffer great losses or even bankrupt an individual.

Examples of Cyber incidents

  • Phishing attack: This involves the attacker sending out emails made to appear legitimate but instead contain malware designed to steal sensitive information from the target. 
  • Ransomware attack: Here, the attacker infects the target’s system with a kind of malware that encrypts all their files, making them inaccessible until a ransom is paid. 
  • DDoS attack: This kind of incident involves the attacker overwhelming a system’s resources, flooding it with requests that prevent any other access from the subscribed users. 

Handling cyber incidents

  • Quickly point out and analyse any incidents to get a better grasp of the possible harm.
  • Adhere to a preset incident response strategy.
  • Once you address the present threat, assess the incident to guard against any future attacks. 
  • Report any incidents to the appropriate authorities and comply with any legal and ethical responsibilities.