Cybercrime refers to any illegal activity occurring with or within systems or a network of systems. Because modern technology has given us an increased level of anonymity, criminals can conveniently commit a variety of crimes against a vast array of targets—governments, businesses, and individuals. 

Ways you can stay safe from cybercrime

  • Use unique passwords: Ensure that you create unique passwords for all your accounts, avoiding repetitions. You can also add multi-factor authentication to make it harder for hackers to gain access.
  • Beware of phishing: The best way to prevent phishing is by carefully investigating the emails you receive. If the sender is unfamiliar, do not click links or open files. Even if the sender appears legitimate, double-check the links first. 
  • Install cybersecurity software: The best pairing for online security is the VPN and antivirus. The VPN keeps out snoopers and hackers who might utilize your IP and other info to track you, while the antivirus ensures the hackers can’t get a way in with malware.