Data Breach Prevention

Data breach prevention refers to the act, or range of actions, tools, and policies meant to secure private information from unauthorized access. Data breach prevention aims to keep systems safe from cyberattacks such as insider threats, hacking, etc.

Examples of data breach prevention

  • Encryption: Data encryption in the rest phase and transit phase prevents unauthorised access — ensuring only those with the decryption key can access it.
  • Limit access: Multi-factor authentication will help reduce just who can access, even if they somehow get your access codes. 
  • Frequent security audits: Ensure you regularly audit your security, checking for any vulnerabilities and identifying possible fixes for them. 

Data breach prevention tips

  • Regularly update your operating system and software to ensure you have the latest security patches. 
  • Acquaint yourself with healthy cybersecurity practices to better guard against any threats like phishing scams. 
  • Isolate certain sensitive data with network segmentation to protect them in the event of a breach. 
  • Use a VPN to encrypt your online traffic and keep out snoopers.