Data Breach

A data breach refers to the leaking of private information online. The leaked data can contain user addresses, names, passwords and other sensitive information like financial details.

Examples of Data breaches 

  • Facebook: Hackers were able to exploit a gap in security to steal the data of over 500 million users on Facebook in 2021. The stolen data includes emails, Facebook IDs, locations, phone numbers and other information. The data was then published on chat forums, making it free to download. 
  • Experian: In 2020, Experian, a credit score company, was the target of a major breach that resulted in the data of over 220 million Brazilians getting leaked. The stolen data was later sold on forums on the dark web.
  • Syniverse: For five whole years, hackers were able to access the network of the telecommunications company Syniverse, essentially putting millions of users at risk.