Downloader Trojan

This is a kind of malicious software that installs malware onto the target’s system without their consent. It can disguise itself as other, more legitimate, and safe software to trick the victim.

Once installed, the trojan malware downloads and installs more malware on the device, acting as a backdoor for viruses and other malware to infect the system.

The pattern of downloader trojan infection

  • The attacker tricks the user into acquiring a downloader trojan. The trojan can appear as a legitimate, harmless file like a game or resource. 
  • The user installs and runs it on their system, unaware of the malicious nature.
  • Once installed, it begins to run amok in the system, executing malicious actions.
  • The downloader trojan then sets up a connection with a remote server controlled by the hacker. The server holds the additional malware the trojan will then act as a transporter into the system. 
  • The trojan is set to receive instructions from this remote server to download certain malware onto the system.
  • Once installed, the malware executes multiple nefarious activities, including file corruption, file encryption, and keylogging. 
  • Downloader trojans can often remain undetected by concealing their processes, altering system files, or dodging security software.

How to block downloader Trojans

  • Use premium and reputable cybersecurity software.
  • Don’t click on any suspicious email attachments.
  • Only download files and software from trusted sources.
  • Be careful of the websites you visit to avoid malicious ones.