Email Virus

An email virus is a form of computer virus whose spread is via email messages. This virus attaches itself to email messages either as an attachment or link and can be very tough to fight as it can self-replicate by sending more and more copies of itself in more emails to contacts in the target’s address book.

How do email viruses spread?

Email viruses spread through self-replication, and sending emails containing these replicas to the victim’s entire address book. The emails often have some message feigning urgency to trick the recipient into opening.

Ways of preventing email viruses

  • Be cautious of any attachments; only open them after considering the circumstances warranting the sender sending you this kind of attachment.
  • If an email contains links, especially shortened URLs, do several checks to verify the address is legitimate.
  • The spread of this virus is dependent on how quickly you trust and open these emails. Ensure you only interact with emails whose senders you can recognize and trust.
  • Keep an eye out for clues, email viruses often contain telltale signs you can look out for to avoid an attack.