Human Firewall

A human firewall is a cybersecurity practice in which users are educated on how to effectively identify and react to any kind of cyber threat. Since tech is only as good as its user, it is important to keep the user sharp and ready. 

An organization’s member, for example, should be trained to correctly recognize cyber threats such as social engineering scams and phishing emails. They should also learn what steps to take to avoid or prevent them.

Real-world examples of a human firewall 

  • Cybersecurity training: It involves learning the best practices that strengthen your cybersecurity against the most common threats.
  • Phishing simulations: Many companies use phishing simulations to offer a more hands-on experience with phishing attacks. This kind of controlled exercise helps show the level of readiness the users have regarding phishing threats. 
  • Reporting: It is very important to instill the freedom and awareness to report any or potential attacks. Setting up a dedicated channel through which users can issue reports to help better boost security. 
  • Social engineering awareness: Creating awareness about social engineering attacks using lesson modules would go a long way to setting up a formidable human firewall.