Hybrid Attack

Hybrid attacks involve the attacker using multiple modes of attack or tools to gain access to the victim’s network or system. Traditional regular cyberattacks use one type of attack, making them much easier to guard against. 

However, a hybrid attack makes it easy for the hacker to combine multiple attacks, tools, and points of vulnerability. These attacks are usually a combination of dictionary and brute-force attacks. Hybrid attacks are used to target systems where the users may have recently changed their password.

Preventing hybrid attack

  • Always use complex passwords.
  • Common words are easy to guess, avoid using them for your password. 
  • Make sure not to combine popularly used alphanumeric passwords.
  • Be careful not to repeat letters in the passwords.
  • Use different number combinations in your passwords.
  • Do not use any of your names or other forms of personal details for passwords.
  • Do not use the same password for all your accounts.
  • Stay away from public Wi-Fi, or get a VPN.