An Industroyer is an incredibly destructive and sophisticated malware designed to specifically target industrial control systems (ICS). These control systems are used in critical infrastructure sectors such as manufacturing energy and transportation. The Industroyer malware is also called CrashOverride.

Origins of Industroyer

Researchers first discovered Industroyer in June 2017. The threat actor group SandWorm has since been identified as the people responsible for the malware—they are said to have been state-sponsored, too. The Industroyer poses a great threat to infrastructure like transportation systems, power grids, and other vital infrastructure. 

The malware became famous for its role in the attack on the Ukrainian power grid in 2016 which led to total blackout for thousands of people. Additionally, its design allows the hacker to adjust and evolve it for unique tasks and targets. Its modular design makes it hard to detect and even guard against.

To this day, Industroyer poses a much larger threat to all infrastructure worldwide. Attacks like this may continue targeting these systems.