IoT Botnet

IoT botnet refers to a network of IoT devices compromised by malware and remotely controlled by the hacker. 

Examples of IoT botnet attacks

  • In 2016, MalwareMustDie, a whitehat security research group, uncovered the Mirai malware, which was capable of turning devices into zombie-like bots. The affected parties included GitHub, Airbnb, Netflix, Reddit, Twitter, and security journalist Brian Krebs, among many other high-profile companies.
  • The Mozi network infected about 1.5 million devices in 2019 alone. The botnet was responsible for a huge percentage of all IoT traffic in its heydays.

Preventing an IoT botnet attack

  • Always update your device’s operating system and software
  • Do not click on any links you don’t recognize.
  • Install a reputable VPN to encrypt your internet traffic.
  • Only use unique and complex passwords — and make them lengthy.