A keylogger is a tool used in cyberattacks. It can be hardware or software and can log the keys the target presses on their keyboard without their knowledge. Surprisingly, keyloggers are very legal but are used to carry out illicit activities like data theft. 

Examples of keyloggers

  • 2007-present: The DarkHotel keylogger often attacks users who make use of unsecured Wi-Fi and with the use of fake security certificates. It can make the users update their devices unknowingly with a keylogger. 
  • 2015: Using a keylogger, cybercriminals could steal about 80 million records from Anthem, a US healthcare insurance firm. They were able to do this with the use of phishing emails designed to trick staff into unwittingly downloading keyloggers.

How to stop a keylogger

  • Install a password manager so you don’t have to type your passwords. 
  • Install a legitimate antivirus or any specialized anti-keylogger software
  • Ensure your device’s software is frequently updated, especially the operating system.