Why We Only Publish 100% Human Writing

Human Written

The advent of AI chatbots and their capacity for creating believably human-written content on demand has made it almost a rarity to have 100% genuine human content in the blogosphere. 

Here at PrivacyRadar however, we pride ourselves in the use of human writers to create and publish every content on our page.

And while these AI language models will continue to improve, they can’t replace the authenticity that comes from a human source. It is thus important to understand the many disadvantages that come with using any content generated with AI on your site.

Why do we only publish human-written content?

What makes the content at PrivacyRader so authentic, rich, and relatable? Well, we hold the belief that human content is superior to automated content in many ways. Since we aim for a level of expertise, depth, and nuance, we have set out to create human-generated comparisons, reviews, and how-to articles.

Why we avoid AI content

While the content created using AI tools can be of a passable quality level, we at PrivacyRader prefer to steer clear of using these tools or content made with them. The reason is rather simple, human creativity is still a standard even AI can’t recreate. 

Articles written by human writers also inspire more critical thinking and wisdom. Note that we utilize large language models for any research that involves a lot of moving parts, but none of the finished products are written with AI. 

Using real-world experience

Thanks to the wealth of real-world knowledge and in-depth experience our writers have, we can adequately meet our reader’s needs. All the insight gained from research and testing products contributes greatly to how efficiently the writing cuts to the chase, providing only the essentials, such as the right fixes for specific situations.

Humans writing for human readers

It is important for us that our readers are treated to thoughtful content made by writers who know exactly what it means to be human and approach each piece with a level of care no AI can replicate. While AI tools can write a comprehensive piece, our writers can make the concepts easier to understand. 

Our decision to stick with human writers ensures that we build trust with our readers, while offering them helpful tips with the occasional humor and even have room for cautionary tales. 

PrivacyRadar continues to be the source for verifiable recommendations and guides born from the irreplaceable human perspective. A perspective that best visualizes the insight the readers have come to expect, and we must maintain this tradition.

The key reasons why we choose human writers 

We have spoken of the importance of using human writers but we need to give more context to help you appreciate the overarching message. 

Humans will cite the real source

AI chatbots such as ChatGPT will often provide a mishmash of articles and not provide any citations to help readers verify the content. 

Other times, the cited sources are either outdated due to the cutoff point of the AI training models or they are secondary sources that do not provide their sources either.

With human writers, this isn’t the case, thankfully. You can find verifiable and updated sources for every article, reference, and mention on the platform.

The human element

The one thing AI chatbots lack is human flair and style. For all its advancements, AI fails to replicate the human voice — often churning out stiff, formulaic texts that would pass for average in human terms.

Chatbots phrase their output based on a concept known as “temperature” and as you can guess, “low” temperature is meant to mimic regular human tone. The low setting almost always ends up reading/sounding unpolished.

When you read human writing, the difference in tone and intent is glaring. AI can only repeat what existed, humans can create new from existing data.

Google rules prohibit the use of AI-generated content

Content created using AI severely impacts SEO and the amount of views on the created article.

AI-generated content is oftentimes old content shuffled around with synonyms used to replace some of the words to beat plagiarism checks. This kind of piece would not be original or have any ‘soul’. 

And because the text will read as shuffled and replaced words which violates the Webmaster guidelines, Google automatically flags it as spam and takes it down.

AI content will soon be easier to detect

The content written using AI can pass as human to the untrained eye and can fool most — not ours. But even now, tools for detecting content written with AI continue to spring up left and right to help keep content more human.

The thing is, AI companies are now pushing to watermark any content written using their tool. In essence, your readers can tell which posts were written by actual writers and which weren’t — not a good look.

The “watermark” would be a standard cryptology method that informs any user with a key to reliably determine for themselves what is AI and what is human.

The feedback loop

At PrivacyRadar, our team of very real, very human writers is always primed to provide feedback to the readers. 

Whether it’s from comments, or by simply keeping up-to-date with trending topics, we can create fresh articles each time. 

Because of this channel of feedback, improvements are commonplace. The quality levels will only increase with each article, unlike AI-generated content that stays limited by the timeline of its learning model. 

PrivacyRadar ensures the process of creating the final product that reaches you as the reader is 100% human; from the research, to the workshopping, to the first draft and the final post. Because we value you as a reader, your needs and most importantly, your comments are vital to the content creation process. 

Simply put, AI-generated content won’t cut it and we’ve shown why. The best articles and content have always been made by human creators, and we aim to keep the same practice going here at PrivacyRadar — producing and providing 100% human content, every time. 

The best content generators of the modern world are, simply put, humans! As such, we promise that every piece of content you receive from us is 100% human-crafted and edited.