WhatsApp Delays Privacy Policy Updates Until May

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Last updated: June 13, 2024
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WhatsApp Delays Privacy Policy Updates Until May
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  • WhatsApp planned to share user data with other Facebook-owned platforms, which caused concerns and confusion.

  • The company delayed the privacy policy update from February 8th to May 15th to give users more time to understand it.

  • Regardless of the update, WhatsApp doesn’t store user activity and maintains end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp released a statement at the beginning of January 2021 about the company’s intention to implement a new privacy policy. The policy authorized WhatsApp to share user data with Meta-owned platforms, including Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram.

On January 15, WhatsApp shared a new announcement stating that it would reschedule the updating of its new privacy policy. However, it was initially scheduled to go into effect on February 8.

The company said the postponement was taken to alleviate confusion in the community. It explained that there had been many rumors about what type of data the company shares.

We’ll ensure users have sufficient time to review and comprehend the terms. Rest assured, we had no intention of deleting any accounts based on this update, and we won’t in the future.

WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) January 15, 2021

Moreover, WhatsApp also attempted to resolve this confusion and preconception. So, users do not panic when they encounter updates of privacy policies.

The company further explained that the platform was developed on the notion that anything you share within your circles remains with you. This meant that WhatsApp would always safeguard private conversations with end-to-end encryption, preventing third parties from viewing the messages.

Additionally, the company assured users that it does not log user data, including browser activities, messages, or location. The update doesn’t change much, as it included a user service tool and enhanced transparency about gathering and employing user data.

WhatsApp delayed the update of its privacy from February 8 to May 15. It is to give users time to comprehend and clarify the situation. They renewed the date to enable consumers to accept the terms imposed, and no account was deleted or suspended on February 8.

WhatsApp’s initiative to offer updates on the Privacy Policy initially sparked controversy. Most readers and the media interpreted it as the company’s trial to distribute user data across other platforms. According to a report by Sensor Tower via The Independent, this decreased the number of WhatsApp installations. The messaging app only got 2 million downloads between January 5 and 12.

In addition, this figure was much lower than that of its competitors, Telegram, which received 15.8 million downloads, and Signal, which reached 17.8 million in the same period.

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