The 10 Best Kodi VPNs in 2024 – Both Free and Paid

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Last updated: July 5, 2024
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Want to get the most out of your Kodi app? Here’s our list of the 10 best VPNs for Kodi in 2024 for you to choose from.

Radar Rundown
  • Kodi is an impressive and reliable library for movies, TV shows, games, and more.

  • If you can’t access Kodi in your location, it might be due to censorship and geo-restrictions.

  • You will need a robust VPN like NordVPN to get around the restrictions.


With so many streaming platforms on the market, deciding which one perfectly suits your needs can be a hassle. Kodi excels in every metric you’re looking for in a streaming option. It also has extensive media content for you to scroll through.

Some users may experience difficulty accessing Kodi from their location due to geo-restrictions. But dont worry; you can use the best Kodi VPN to access the full Kodi library and bypass any censorship from wherever you are. Consequently, we have outlined the 10 best VPNs for Kodi in 2024.

Top 10 best VPNs for Kodi: Quick list


The top VPN choice for Kodi in 2024, with seamless streaming quality.


A great VPN option with tons of helpful market-leading features.


VPN for privacy-friendly users who need a safe streaming option.

Surfshark VPN

High-speed VPN for the best Kodi streaming experience.

Private Interent Access
Private Internet Access

Excellent streaming VPN with torrenting support.


Get an unlimited server option with this VPN.

IPVanish VPN

Secure VPN with advanced encryption.


Get top-level privacy along with support for torrenting and P2P.

Hotspot shield
Hotspot Shield

Easy to use and perfect for gamers and streamers.

Proton VPN

Swiss-based VPN with zero logs and water-tight security.

How to install VPN on Kodi

How to install VPN on Kodi
  1. Select and download a trusted VPN service app on your device. We recommend NordVPN because of its features.
  2. Launch the application and create an account.
  3. Next, fill in your sign-in credentials.
  4. Select a suitable server and click on connect.
  5. Open the Kodi app and enjoy your streaming.

Why should you use a VPN for Kodi?

Why should you use a VPN for Kodi?

We have a long list of reasons a VPN is necessary when you use Kodi, but for the sake of this article, we will highlight the core ones. They are listed below:

  • Kodi add-ons: Some Kodi add-ons may be unavailable for users in certain locations due to geo-restrictions. To get around this, you would need to change your IP address, and the best way to do this is with a VPN. The VPN replaces your real IP address with an address in the location where Kodi has no restrictions, allowing you full access to all its features.
  • Geo-restricted content: Just like with the Kodi add-ons, certain content is inaccessible for certain users, depending on their location. This is due to censorship policies, copyrights, or blackouts. This phenomenon creates varying libraries and content for Kodi users across the globe. You can cut through the blockade and access the full Kodi library with a VPN.
  • Avoid blackouts: Broadcasters who want to entice people to buy tickets to live sporting events instead of sitting at home to catch them on TV tend to employ the blackout tactic. This means access to the channels and, thus, content is inaccessible—with the screen “blacked” out. Broadcasters known to do this include the NHL, NFL, etc. With a VPN, you can unblock these channels and enjoy the game from the comfort of your couch.
  • Protect against hack attacks: Surfing the internet may be fun, but it can also come with many risks, such as getting hacked. With a VPN, you are far less prone to any hack attacks. This is because your IP address, online identity, and browsing activity are encrypted. Ultimately, a VPN protects you from cyber-attacks and data theft.
  • Block tracking: Your service provider (ISP) is definitely monitoring your online activity and even sometimes keeps logs for later. This goes against your privacy in many ways, and we’re sure you’d prefer to keep your private information private. This is where a VPN comes in, able to hide your online activities in advanced encryption. It also prevents internet throttling. 

How to choose a VPN for Kodi

How to install VPN on Kodi

Choosing the best VPN can be daunting, especially with so many options. We recognize this struggle and have outlined the surefire metrics to look for when choosing a VPN for Kodi.

Here’s how you can tell which VPNs are great for you with expert accuracy:


To benefit from Kodi’s vast collection of content, you need a VPN capable of bypassing geo-restrictions. Platforms like ESPN and BBC iPlayer are geo-restricted, and for this reason, your VPN must-have servers in locations where no restrictions apply. A VPN with small or limited servers is a no-no; always opt for one with an extensive server network.


There’s no point in having so many server options without the speed to truly enjoy them. So, if you want a buffer-free experience, we recommend a VPN option with reliably high connection speeds.

Supported devices

If you have all the servers and all the speed but can’t find a device that lets you enjoy them to the fullest, what’s the use? Thus, your selection process must consider the number of devices the VPN supports and has compatible apps.


Security is a must to protect you from risks you may be unaware of. Only choose VPNs with high-quality security features and clearly stated privacy policies.

A quick comparison of the 10 best VPNs for Kodi in 2024 

FeaturesNordVPNExtremeVPNExpressVPNSurfsharkPrivate Internet Access (PIA)CyberGhostIPVanishWindscribeHotspot ShieldProtonVPN
Server location6,000 servers in 111 locations6,500 servers in 78+ locations3,000 servers in 105+ locations3,200+ servers in 100+ locations3,5000 servers in 91 locations11,000+ servers in 100 locations2,400+ servers in 90 locationsUndisclosed amount in 11+ locations800+ servers in 125+ locations6,100+ servers in 95+ countries
Download speed86MBps85MBps77MBps86MBps150MBps86MBps354MBps90MBps97MBps90MBps
Simultaneous connection10 devices10 devices8 devicesUnlimitedUnlimited7 devicesUnlimitedUnlimited5 devicesNot supported
Logging policyNo logsNo logsNo logsNo logsNo logsNo logsNo logsNo logsMinimal logsNo logs
Data cap (GB)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited10Unlimited 10
Free service7-day free trial7-day free trial7-day free trial7-day free trial7-day free trial7-day free trial7-day free trialYesYesYes
Compatibility with KodiYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Price$4.39/month$3.29/month$6.67/month$2.69/month$1.98/month$2.03/month$2.19/monthFree, $5.75/monthFree, €2.99/monthFree, €3.99/month

The best VPNs to use for Kodi: Our detailed list

The 10 Best VPNs for Kodi in 2024

Premium VPNs

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is an excellent option for Kodi and the best VPN based on our test results. It easily circumvents geo-blocks on multiple streaming platforms, giving users access to the full app features and add-ons. And with its impressive speed, streaming is no hassle.

This VPN service excels at streaming and is capable of unblocking many platforms. From our tests, we found that we could view Hulu, Max, 16 Netflix libraries, and BBC iPlayer. For good measure, NordVPN comes equipped with Smart DNS, making it possible to stream on any of your devices incompatible with VPNs.


NordVPN retains 90% of its initial speed to give users a buffer-free streaming experience. In addition, this VPN has an impressive server network containing around 6,000 servers in more than 111 different countries — all optimized to unblock any restricted content. You can also find client apps for any operating system and device, including Android TV and Amazon Fire.

From NordVPN’s privacy policy, we can say with zero doubt that it keeps no logs and has undergone audits. Your online traffic and data are protected using military-grade AES-256 encryption and Threat Protection features. So, you can get started with NordVPN today for $4.39 monthly. This yearly plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial.

2. ExtremeVPN

ExtremeVPN’s impressive speed and security features make it a great VPN for Kodi. It is perfect for your streaming, gaming, and even torrenting needs. Take unblocking, for example; ExtremeVPN had no trouble accessing all major streaming platforms, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime.

This service is a much faster option than most VPN services. During the speed tests, we noticed only a 5% reduction as opposed to 10-12% for most. It also has an impressively large server network containing over 6,500 servers in 78+ countries.


Thanks to its military-grade AES-256 encryption, users can expect high-quality data security​. ExtremeVPN also allows you to switch between security protocols depending on which best suits your needs.

Consequently, users are rest assured their data and traffic is protected thanks to features and protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, WireGuard, IP/DNS leak protection, and a kill switch.

ExtremeVPN does not keep logs. Get started with ExtremeVPN’s yearly plan for $3.29 monthly, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. ExpressVPN

Due to its reliable streaming quality and high security, we recommend ExpressVPN for Kodi. Its unblocking capabilities are top-notch, and its security is watertight. It seamlessly unblocks major platforms like Max, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It also comes with the SmartDNS feature, which lets you use the VPN on incompatible devices.


ExpressVPN showed great results in our speed tests and thanks to its Lightway protocol, we recorded a 77% retention of baseline speed. You can expect a smooth, lag-free streaming experience. It also operates with a comfortable 3,000 server count in over a hundred countries. Users can find an exhaustive list of client apps compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Fire TV Stick, and Android TV.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN excels at protecting user privacy and boasts impressive privacy features. Its privacy policy also states that they do not collect any logs, and you can make use of the Threat Manager to prevent any add-on trackers from collecting any user data. It also features impressive security, consisting of military-grade AES encryption and a kill switch.

You can subscribe to ExpressVPN for only $6.67 a month. The premium package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to try it out before fully committing.

4. Surfshark

Surfshark is our budget-friendly addition to the list of best VPNs for Kodi. Its monthly subscription is $2.69 and includes unlimited device connections. This VPN successfully accesses Netflix libraries, Hulu, Max, BBC iPlayer, or any Kodi add-ons. It also comes equipped with a Smart DNS feature that allows users to stream content on devices that don’t usually work with VPNs.


Since this service uses the WireGuard protocol, it is pretty fast. From our tests, we recorded a high 86% speed retention, ensuring that you can enjoy Kodi lag-free. Furthermore, Surfshark has servers in over a hundred countries, ensuring smooth unblocking options wherever you are. 

As part of its privacy policy, it will not retain any logs and has been independently audited. It protects your data and increases anonymity using AES-256 encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, and CleanWeb. 

5. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access is highly regarded by novices and experts alike. As a VPN for Kodi, it is an excellent choice, especially if you care about your privacy. Users can expect to benefit from its large server network, which, combined with the WireGuard protocol, makes unblocking any streaming platform super easy.

Private Internet Access

Although PIA is not as quick as the rest, its speeds still provide users with a relatively buffer-free streaming experience. This VPN has over 30,000 servers in 90+ different locations—all of which are RAM-only and optimized for optimal performance. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any online privacy risks or latency when you surf the web. 

In addition, this service’s no-logs policy guarantees you don’t have to worry about your private data getting logged, stolen, or sold. PIA does not keep logs and has been audited. Get started with PIA’s 2-year plan at only $1.38 monthly, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. CyberGhost

Are you looking for a VPN service with a large server network and foolproof security? Then you need CyberGhost. This VPN has servers in 100 different countries, ensuring you can always access all the content you desire, all the while staying hidden from snoopers.

CyberGhost works well with streaming platforms, including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix, and unblocks them. However, it lacks the SmartDNS feature, so you can’t stream using unsupported devices. From our speed tests, CyberGhost recorded an 86% initial speed retention. This means you can say goodbye to lags while enjoying your favorite movies on Kodi.


There are no restrictions or geoblocks it can’t get past. It also has apps for all the major platforms, including Fire Stick and Android TV. CyberGhost does not retain any logs, and we checked to see if it had also been audited. 

It also has a handy ad blocker to prevent data gathering and a smooth streaming experience. Get started with CyberGhost today at $2.03 a month. It also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and free trials (1 day on desktop, 3 days on Android, and 7 days on iOS).

7. IPVanish

IPVanish is yet another great VPN choice for Kodi. It is a secure, fast, and budget-friendly option. Additionally, with a large server network spread across 50+ countries and the WireGuard protocol, it is capable of crisp, lag-free, and unrestricted streaming no matter where you are.


This VPN service is fast, with a global average of around 300 to 2Gbps. It performs well across different server locations, with only minimal variations. Its widespread server network allows it to access multiple streaming platforms from anywhere worldwide. You can also log in to catch a movie or a new episode on any device or operating system.

IPVanish combines protocols such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2 protocols with military-grade encryption to protect your data and identity. It also does not keep any user logs. Get started with IPVanish with its 1-year plan at $2.19 monthly, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free VPNs

8. Windscribe

Windscribe’s server network allows users access to a wide range of content from multiple major streaming platforms, including Kodi. From our tests, it could unblock all major streaming platforms and their entire library except Netflix.

For a freemium VPN, Windscribe impressed with a startling 86% initial speed retention. The stream links loaded in no time, and we experienced zero buffering. It operates with many servers across 69 locations, which is a lot for a freemium VPN. It also has apps that are compatible with major operating systems and devices.


Windscribe does not retain user logs and has been audited. The only concern is that it is based in a 5-Eyes country. For security, it employs AES-256 encryption, advanced protocols, and a super-quick kill switch.

Windscribe has a fully capable freemium package, but if you want the full experience, the yearly plan only costs $5.75 a month. This also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

9. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another freemium VPN option that does the job fairly enough for Kodi users. The free version of Hotspot Shield does not unblock any streaming platforms, but you can enjoy the ones accessible in your location. If you want access to the major streaming platforms, then you need the premium package.

Hotspot Shield

During our speed tests, there was an almost 99% initial speed retention, which is impressive for a freemium VPN. With speed like that, streaming quality is always crisp and lag-free. Hotspot Shield has 1,800 virtual servers spread across 80 countries. This means it can comfortably get past geo-blocks from almost any location. It also has apps that are compatible with major operating systems and devices.

However, note that this service may store user data, but they make up for this with impressive encryption, and a ton of privacy protocols and IP/DNS leak protection. It is a freemium VPN, but since it can’t access major streaming platforms, you should try Hotspot Shield Premium at $2.99 monthly for its yearly plan.

10. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is perfect for streaming since it unblocks services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Disney+. However, the free version has limited unblocking features. It offers excellent security and privacy. And thanks to AES encryption and a super quick and reliable kill switch, you stay protected even if the connection drops.

Regarding speed, this VPN experienced a 15% speed loss, which is still an impressive performance. The speed tests also had moments where they experienced minor inconsistencies, but on average, they maintained a smooth streaming quality. It is able to achieve that feat because of its VPN Accelerator feature along with WireGuard.


ProtonVPN has about 5,200 servers spread across 91 countries. It is also compatible with major operating systems and devices, including AndroidTV and Amazon Fire TV. In addition, it does not log any user data and is audited. Proton VPN also supports anonymous Bitcoin payments.

This service has a robust free package but with some limitations. If you want the full experience, get on the two-year plan starting at $4.49 monthly, complete with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How we tested the best Kodi VPNs

How we tested the best Kodi VPNs

Our list contains some very high-performing VPNs because we carried out the testing using strict metrics. Here are the top factors we looked out for:

  • Geo-restriction: The first question we asked was to ascertain if the VPNs could bypass geo-restrictions. So, we tested them against websites, add-ons, and a flurry of streaming platforms. 
  • Speed performance: We then tested the VPNs to see if they were quick enough for a standard streaming experience. We checked for initial speeds and also speed retention post-connection. 
  • Compatibility with streaming devices: We also ensured that the VPNs that would make the final cut were compatible with every popular streaming device. We wouldn’t want to recommend VPNs that leave you scratching your head or troubleshooting. 
  • Security and privacy: We ensured that the VPNs we chose also came equipped with high-grade security and privacy measures in place. This means military-grade encryption, a no-log policy, and independent auditing.

How to install a VPN on Kodi

Download Icon

There are two major ways to install a VPN on Kodi. You can install the VPN on the device you wish to use or install it directly to Kodi as an add-on.

Here’s a walkthrough on how to install a VPN on Kodi:

  1. Pick a Kodi-compatible VPN (check from our list of 10 best VPNs)
  2. Download the client app for your device

Here’s how to download it as an add-on:

  1. Download the VPN as an add-on file
  2. Once it’s installed, connect to the server of your choice

How to install a Kodi VPN through a router

The installation process for this is pretty simple. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign in to your router’s admin page.
  2. Go to the command section.
  3. Locate the IP configuration for your IP address.
  4. Click on VPN settings.
  5. Follow the prompts that pop up onscreen to link your VPN to the router.

Install Kodi and VPN on different devices

Here’s how to install Kodi and VPN on some of the more commonly used devices for streaming:

PC (Windows and Mac)

  1. Open Kodi’s homepage and click download.
  2. Choose your PC type.
  3. Download the installer.
  4. Launch the app and follow the steps on the screen.
  5. Download a recommended VPN like NordVPN.
  6. Run the VPN and choose the server you want.

Mobile phone (Android and iOS)

For iOS:

  1. Firstly, this requires a jailbroken device running iOS 6.0 or higher.
  2. Download and install Kodi from Filza, Cydia, or iFile.
  3. Follow the prompts.
  4. Download a VPN like NordVPN or ExtremeVPN.
  5. Choose your preferred server and enjoy.


Sadly, Roku does not support Kodi, but there is a way to still use it for Kodi. We can make it work by using screen mirroring on Windows and Android. Here’s how:

  1. Go to settings and turn on “Screen mirroring.”

If you’re using Windows devices, you’ll need to:

  1. Select Devices in Settings.
  2. Select “Add Bluetooth or Other Devices,” then select Wireless Display.
  3. Once the Roku device shows up on the screen, click to connect.

For Android, open Settings, go to Connections, then Screen Mirroring, and click “Add the Device.” after that, pair Roku with the device.

  1. You also need to install a VPN on your router.

Smart TV

SmartTVs usually don’t support Kodi, but you can download it from Google PlayStore if your SmartTV can access the service.

  1. Install Kodi from Google PlayStore.
  2. Locate Kodi in your apps menu.
  3. Open the Kodi app.
  4. Download and install a reliable VPN like NordVPN on your device.
  5. Select a server in your preferred region and enjoy!

Amazon Fire Stick

To pair Amazon Firestick with Kodi, do this:

  1. Go to Settings – Device – Developer settings/options.
  2. Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” and “ADB debugging.”
  3. Go to Amazon Appstore and install the free Downloader app, then launch it.
  4. Once it opens, type in “”
  5. Choose the Android App and click “install.”
  6. Next,  download a VPN.
  7. Select a server and enjoy.

Apple TV

Kodi is also unfortunately not on Apple TV, but there is a workaround outlined below:

  1. Use a USB cable and connect your Apple TV to your PC.
  2. Download and install  Cydia Impactor and Kodi on your device. Cydia helps to bypass the checks put in place by Apple to block devices from interacting with each other.
  3. Launch Cydia Impactor and check to see that it can see your Apple TV.
  4. Using the Cydia Impactor, open the file.
  5. Follow the instructions, and the Kodi app should show up on your Apple TV.
  6. Lastly, install a VPN like NordVPN for security and privacy.

Consoles (Xbox and PlayStation)

For Xbox

  1. Type in “Kodi” in the Xbox store search bar.
  2. This should direct you to the Microsoft store.
  3. Download the Kodi app and run it.

A VPN will make the streaming experience much smoother, so we recommend installing one on the console.

For PlayStation

  1. Go to the PlayStation store and search for the Plex app. 
  2. Next, download and install the app on your console.
  3. Go to Video and TV Shows to open the app.
  4. Create an account and follow the link and prompts to finish the account setup.
  5. Next, download Plex on your phone and log in with the same account details. You should get a code on your phone, which you should enter on your console once the prompt pops up.
  6. Then go to System > Settings and toggle “Show Camera Roll” on, Advertise as Server, and Network Discovery.
  7. Finally, you can access Kodi from your smartphone to your PlayStation-connected TV.

Using a VPN on Kodi boxes

Safe VPN Illustration

There are these Android TV boxes known as Kodi boxes which serve as a convenient way to stream live broadcasts or watch locally stored content. A VPN can improve the service quality of a Kodi box greatly, allowing you to bypass geo-blocks and block ads.

Common Kodi boxes include Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, and Raspberry Pi. The VPNs with client apps for the Kodi box have relatively easier installation and setup processes. If your VPN choice does not support the Kodi box, then you have to install it on a router, thus increasing the range of devices connected to the VPN.

Free vs. Paid VPNs for Kodi

Free vs. Paid VPNs: Which is the best for you?

While free VPNs are compatible with Kodi, there are some factors to consider if you have trouble deciding whether to use a paid or free VPN. 

Free VPNs are great but are shackled by data caps, limited customer service, and far fewer servers. Paid VPNs, on the other hand, offer the full package, surpassing anything the free version can do by a large distance.

Below is a table highlighting the difference between free and paid VPNs:

FeatureFree VPNsPaid VPNs
Security Passable security and privacyState-of-the-art security and privacy
Bandwidth Limited with data capsUnrestricted 
Streaming supportUnreliable access to geo-blocked contentUnlimited access to geo-blocked content
Server networkReduced server countExtensive server network
Ease of usePasses for leisurely useWorks great for casual and enhanced use
Customer servicenon-existent customer support24/7 customer service

Can I use a free VPN with Kodi?

Do free VPNs work with torrents?

Well, yes, you can, but do we recommend it? Absolutely not. Free VPNs look great because they often come with basic features that could pass for casual use. But your security, privacy, and even overall enjoyment are not guaranteed.

The servers are limited and always overcrowded, the speed is inconsistent and can be dreadfully low. Unblocking is a hit or miss, with it being more misses than hits. The encryption can only exist on paper, but you’re left exposed when you use them. And lets not forget that free VPNs have been known to make money from selling user data.

If you just need a simple, temporary VPN experience, you can try a free VPN, but be careful about your choice. We can recommend ProtonVPN because of its no-data-caps policy and unlimited bandwidth. Just don’t hold out hope for swift browsing or otherworldly performances.

The best bet is still a paid subscription. If you wish to use a premium service but have not committed financially yet, you can try a VPN service with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who are free VPNs for?

Now that we know the difference in features, quality, and performance between free and paid VPNs for Kodi, we must discuss why free VPNs exist and persist. Below are a few reasons one might opt for a free VPN:

  1. An internet user who needs a budget-friendly solution to their online protection worries would prefer a free VPN.
  2. A passive user might need a cheaper way to access geo-restricted content. Paid VPNs cost too much if you only use them once a week.
  3. Novice internet users looking to get a hang of the VPN software would definitely prefer a costless option to see if they’d try the full package.
  4. Internet users in locations with restricted access who need to get past geo-restrictions would choose the free VPN option.
  5. Finally, say you want to quickly access geo-restricted content this one time, a free VPN saves you from buying a full month package instead.

But, we must remind you of the significant drawbacks that come with using free VPNs in general, such as:

  • Slow speed
  • Reduced server network
  • A lot of ads
  • Logging of user data
  • Low-quality security

Kodi VPNs that didn’t make our cut

Our list couldn’t contain every single VPN option out there, so here are some that didn’t make the cut during testing:

  • Norton Secure VPN: It showed great speed retention (74%) but couldn’t unblock a good chunk of streaming services, including Netflix.
  • Ivacy VPN: It is super affordable ($1/mo), but the speed is horrendous, showing a low 30% speed retention.
  • PrivateVPN: Another low-budget option ($2/mo) that lacked the server network to satisfy user needs like unblocking and streaming.

What can you do with a Kodi VPN?

What can you do with a Kodi VPN?

Below are some of the functions and advantages associated with using a VPN with Kodi:

  • Access geo-restricted content: A VPN helps you bypass any geo-restrictions placed on streaming, allowing you to access content from different countries.
  • Enhance privacy: A VPN will hide your online activities from your ISP and any snoopers.
  • Avoid ISP throttling: ISPs are notorious for throttling user connections, especially during streaming. A VPN prevents that by cutting off the control from your ISP.
  • Protect against man-in-the-middle attacks: If you’re using public Wi-Fi connections, the risk of a man-in-the-middle attack is high. A VPN can keep you safe from it and other attacks.
  • Access blocked add-ons: There are some Kodi add-ons that might be unavailable in some locations, but a VPN helps bypass these restrictions.
  • Anonymize P2P traffic: If you’re using Kodi for torrenting, a VPN will ensure you maintain anonymity.
  • Bypass censorship: Just like with geo-restricted content, a VPN can help get past censors. 
  • Reduce buffering: Most VPNs will greatly improve the quality of the internet connection, leading to a much smoother streaming experience. 
  • Multi-platform protection: A VPN is also a great way to protect other devices so you can enjoy Kodi on multiple devices.

While it is legal and safe to use a VPN to stream on Kodi, there are a few caveats. Kodi is legal software and contains add-ons that are lawful in many locations. Still, some third-party add-ons may provide access to copyrighted content without permission, which is illegal in most countries.

In addition, “pre-loaded” Kodi boxes are illegal, and their distribution and use come with legal repercussions. There are also some unofficial, third-party add-ons that are illegal as well. Downloading these add-ons can cause you considerable trouble with the law.

Therefore, bear in mind that simply using a VPN does not make streaming copyrighted content legal. So, to be on the safe side, only use official Kodi add-ons and verified legal streaming sources. If you do use third-party add-ons, check them before you download and ensure you are connected to a VPN the entire time.

Here’s what to do if your VPN has trouble working on Kodi

What is a VPN? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners in 2024

The reasons why you may run into some difficulties using a VPN on Kodi can vary. We have outlined a few of the most common difficulties with using a VPN and how to fix them.

  • Fluctuating connections: If you experience frequent connection issues, you can try to toggle between servers or perhaps switch VPN protocols. Moreover, the fluctuations can be caused by overloaded servers.
  • Can’t unblock geo-restricted content: If the VPN has trouble getting past geo-blocks, try clearing the browser cache and reloading. You can also try a different browser.
  • Inconsistent speeds: Streaming with Kodi can be enjoyable, but only if the connection speed is high and constant. If you notice the VPN is providing slow speeds, try resetting the internet connection and check the speeds when disconnected from the VPN. You can also try different servers.
  •  Compatibility with Kodi add-ons: Some VPNs are incompatible with Kodi’s add-ons. If you have trouble using certain add-ons, test them without the VPN. Try the VPNs mentioned in our list.
  • Issues with app settings: Depending on the VPN, you might be unaware that firewall settings interfere with VPN connections. This can be easily fixed, simply add the VPN to the firewall’s list of allowed programs.
  • Check DNS Settings: DNS/IP leaks may be another reason your VPN has issues working on Kodi. It is advised to conduct regular DNS and IP leak tests, especially for your privacy. It also wouldn’t hurt to clear your browser’s cache regularly.


Kodi is a massively helpful streaming tool, designed to encompass a huge collection of media for the varying user tastes. Unlocking its full potential should be a must, and that’s where a VPN comes in.

A VPN will not only improve security but also ensure that the blocked add-ons and features are now available for you to use. More so, a VPN will greatly increase compatibility on multiple devices, ensuring you can get the Kodi experience on whatever devices you own. 


Kodi boxes are easy to tell apart by their operating software; one is Linux-based, while the other is Android-based.

VPNs are necessary when you use Kodi. They protect your online data from entering the wrong hands and ensure your privacy is intact. A VPN also allows you to bypass geo-restrictions.

As long as you use a reputable VPN provider like NordVPN, it is completely safe.

They include Sport HD, The Crew, The Loop, Mad Titan Sports, and Daddy Live.

Yes, a VPN can greatly improve the performance of Kodi. It unblocks geo-restricted add-ons, makes it safer and more private, and you can access way more content.

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