29 Best Dark Web Sites in 2024 (Unseen Onion, Tor Links)

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Having trouble deciding what dark web sites are safe and reliable? Choose from our list of the 29 best dark websites in 2024.

Radar Rundown
  • The dark web consists of many websites with uncensored information; choose a suitable one for your needs.

  • Exploring the dark web can be risky for your privacy and security. To stay protected, we recommend using a premium VPN like NordVPN.

  • For the best dark web browsing experience, check out Onion Links, Hidden Wiki, Ahmia, ProPublica, and more.


Due to the dark web’s rather unsavory reputation, people are often averse to using it. Knowing this, we tested many dark websites, and only the safest and most reliable ones made it to our list of 29 best dark web sites you should know in 2024.

We have included a variety of sites with specific functions. So, whether you seek refuge from oppressive regimes, are searching for answers to hard or embarrassing questions, or trying to share confidential information securely, there is something for you.

Quick list of the best web sites in 2024

Quick list
  1. OnionLinks: A well-categorized library of links to numerous services.
  2. The Hidden Wiki: An index for all dark web links.
  3. DuckDuckGo: Does not expose user information, ensuring total anonymity.
  4. Facebook: Mirror site for the actual social media website.
  5. ProPublica: Helps journalists and people living under oppressive regimes get the otherwise suppressed truths out, all while being anonymous.
  6. BBC Tor Mirror: A mirror site that grants access to a wealth of uncensored news.
  7. The CIA: You can anonymously contact the real intelligence agency, apply for jobs, or offer intel.
  8. Haystak: Built-in filter for any harmful sites or content.
  9. Hidden Answers: Like Reddit, this site has a lot of answers to questions that are free from censorship.
  10. Daniel: Built-in ‘status check’ feature to let users know which sites are active.
  11. Ahmia: Can access fresh information within and about the Tor network. 
  12. Smartmixer.io: Transact cryptocurrency anonymously.
  13. Tor Metrics: Provides helpful and insightful data about the Tor network and its users.
  14. Dark.fail: Monitors other dark websites and runs free of Javascript tracking.
  15. Onion.name: This lets you create your very own unique domain name.
  16. Elude: Allows for anonymous email exchanges between users.
  17. SecureDrop: Haven for journalists to share and exchange vital information anonymously.
  18. Keybase: Similar to Whatsapp in function but much more secure and private.
  19. ZeroBin: Send messages securely and anonymously.
  20. ProtonMail: Privacy-friendly email service with industry-leading end-to-end encryption.
  21. Riseup: Completely anonymous messaging client for privacy-oriented users.
  22. Wasabi Wallet: Secure cryptocurrency exchange platform with open-source code for transparency.
  23. Torch: Among the longest-serving dark web sites, with a trusted reputation for security and anonymity for users.
  24. Imperial Library: This library holds many digital texts, ranging from comic books to literary texts.
  25. Sci-hub: Get around pesky paywalls and access much-needed research papers and resources.
  26. Comic Book Library: A sprawling library of thousands of comic books, all free to download.
  27. Tunnels: Get uncensored access to the documented tunnel adventures. 
  28. Archive.today: Take a glimpse at what websites used to look like with this time capsule service.
  29. Deep Web Radio: Surf the dark web with your soundtrack from a vast music collection.

How to safely access the best dark web sites – Quick guide

How to safely access onion sites

The dark web is not easily accessible, especially with browsers like Chrome or Safari. As a result, the recommended browser for accessing the dark web is the Tor (The Onion Router) browser.

Below is a summary of the steps to install the Tor browser and safely use the dark web:

  1. Install and set up a premium VPN to encrypt your traffic, identity, and IP address. Our top VPN recommendation is NordVPN, which boasts airtight security and an effective obfuscation feature, keeping you safe and anonymous at all times.
  2. Install an antivirus as a second layer of protection against pesky malware lurking around every corner of the dark web. Norton antivirus is our top choice if you don’t already have anti-malware installed. It has the industry’s highest and most effective malware detection rate.
  3. Visit the official Tor website and download the Tor browser. Once you have completed the two previous steps.

What are onion sites?

What are onion sites?

Like regular browsers with domain names, the Tor browser also has its domain designation. These “onion” sites are only accessible on the dark web and bear the “.onion” domain at the end of the URL. This is no different from the “.net” or “.com” of the regular Internet.

Onion sites are far safer to use as they are hidden deep within the deep web. Also, since users can only access them using the Tor browser (with its high-end encryption), users can be rest assured their identities and locations remain hidden.

How do .onion sites work?

When you try to enter a .onion website, it will reroute your access request around the internet, rebounding it off three random servers before you reach the target website.

With each random server, your traffic bounces off, and a layer of encryption gets added. These layers upon layers give this network its iconic “onion” name—as the onion itself has layers upon layers.

Best dark web sites to know in 2024 – Detailed list

29 Best Dark Web Sites in 2024 (Unseen Onion, Tor Links)
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL

OnionLinks is a library of dark web links, most importantly, active links. The website’s organization is simplistic yet meticulous. Depending on your preference, you can find links in well-categorized groups. These categories include email providers, news sites, privacy, and commercial services.

2. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveThe Hidden Wiki

As the name suggests, this is a dark web alternative to the regular Wikipedia, which contains links to various websites found on the dark web.

Think of this as a hub for information on just about anything you’re looking for, regardless of the topic — yes, even juicy conspiracy theories.

The downside, however, is that there may be sites containing illicit content, so you must review the site’s descriptions before you click to open them.

3. DuckDuckGo

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Search engineYesYesActiveDuckDuckGo

Like Ahmia, DuckDuckGo is a helpful search engine alternative on the dark and regular web. Unlike regular search engines, however, DuckDuckGo does not store your data, ensuring complete anonymity

With DuckDuckGo, you can view dark web websites because, unlike regular search engines, it can index .onion websites.

4. Facebook

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformsYesYesActiveFacebook

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The famous social media platform has a prominent presence on the dark web. However, we do not advise readers to log onto this dark web mirror site; doing so would risk their privacy and that of others. 

The advantage of this version is that you can effectively create a Facebook account anonymously on the dark web. Consequently, you’ll have maximum privacy while sharing opinions and anti-oppression resources.

5. ProPublica

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveProPublica

ProPublica is a prominent investigative journalism platform on the regular and dark web. This duality allows users to choose whether to access the platform openly or anonymously.

For individuals in locations facing strict restrictions or those under oppressive governments, ProPublica is the perfect platform to share their stories. ProPublica aims to bring controversial, repressed stories into the open for all to see. It publishes news in English and other major languages like Italian and Spanish.

It is important to note that the people or journalists who use ProPublica to spread their truth recognize the risk of doing so. As a result, we want you to stay safe and anonymous by using a paid VPN service whenever you surf this dark web platform.

6. BBC Tor Mirror

BBC Tor Mirror
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveBBC Tor Mirror

Few countries operate with strict censorship on citizens’ internet access, preventing them from getting information in or out. This BBC mirror helps people anonymously use the BBC website without restrictions.

7. The CIA

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveThe CIA

Just like Facebook, this is no random namesake; it is a legitimate platform from which to reach the CIA anonymously. You can even apply for jobs and request information, among other things.

When you access this site, do so with extra protection, even if you are technically anonymous when you use the Tor browser. We highly recommend using a strong VPN like NordVPN to stay safe and private.

8. Haystak

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Search engineYesYesActiveHaystak

Haystak is yet another search engine for the dark web. It functions similarly to Ahmia in that it has a nifty filter for any dangerous content you might encounter.

The Haystak premium plan offers a deeper search, email alerts, and access to historical content.

9. Hidden Answers

Hidden Answers
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
ForumYesYesInactiveHidden Answers

If you are familiar with Quora and Reddit, Hidden Answers is the dark web’s version for its users. Users can ask any question without the usual apprehension present with the regular Internet and restriction or censorship.

However, because of this lack of restriction, you must be careful about your conversations. Hidden Answers has everything newbies are looking for, such as a way to get a ton of helpful information and answers to pressing questions.

10. Daniel

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesInactiveDaniel

This website used to host over 7,000 onion sites, giving users access to many dark web links. The listed links were well-grouped for a simpler browsing experience.

The Daniel site also had a status check feature that updated users on which sites were active. Unfortunately, the site’s admin could not keep up with the time demands and has taken down the links on the site as of August 2023. 

The site isn’t dormant; you can still find some of their old and very interesting blog entries and helpful resources.

11. Ahmia

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Search engineYesYesActiveAhmia

Ahmia is a safe alternative search engine for users who prefer the dark web. It is secure and unbiased. It also provides insights, helpful statistics, and updates regarding the Tor network.

However, we do not recommend using this platform without taking proper precautions such as anti-malware and VPN. This is largely due to harmful elements in the dark web and Ahmia contains certain questionable and largely illicit links.

12. Smartmixer.io

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Darknet marketYesYesActiveSmartmixer.io

Smartmixer.io is a dark web tool that allows users to trade cryptocurrency on the blockchain anonymously. But, if the blockchain does keep a record of transactions and it is easy to track you with your coin address, how does Smartmixer.io keep you anonymous?

The solution is quite ingenious and surprisingly simple. Smartmixer.io mixes your crypto with other coins to ensure you stay untraceable

13. Tor Metrics

Tor Metrics
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
ForumYesYesActiveTor Metrics

You should go to Tor metrics for real-time information on the ever-growing Tor project — it is literally in the name. 

Another main upside to this site is that it lets you view the number of .onion links and users on the Tor browser network. Data like this can also help estimate how many people actively access the dark web and how many hidden websites truly exist—you can even tell where the users are accessing from.  

Speaking of metrics and statistics, below are a few interesting ones:

  • 2% of Tor browser users use it as their dark web browser. 
  • Many top Tor users live in low-population countries, while the most prolific users are from relatively small countries like the Netherlands and Germany.
  • Every day in 2023, on average, around 2 to 5 million users connected to the Tor network.

14. Dark.fail

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL

Dark.fail is an easy-to-use .onion platform equipped with a status checker that tracks website uptime. The site offers access to PGP-verified URLs and runs free of JavaScript or tracking. This platform’s library of websites currently totals 50, which may not sound impressive until you consider that all the links are active and popular.

However, note that Dark.fail monitors site uptime status and cannot tell whether the site is safe. To stay safe and private when visiting any listed sites, ensure you have a VPN and anti-malware installed and enabled.

15. Onion.name

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Darknet marketYesYesActiveOnion.name

Onion.name is a dark web resource that helps make sense of the mess of letters and symbols that usually form the darknet sites. This tool rewrites dark websites into easily understandable texts.

This service lets you create your unique domain name with the letters or words you prefer. It only costs a few mBTC (millibitcoin)

16. Elude

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Encrypted communication channelsYesYesActiveElude

Elude is a secure and private email client that allows users to exchange emails anonymously. It does not require users to provide personal information to create an account.

Elude is free-to-use and offers users a safe and convenient way to send private and critical information through mail.

17. SecureDrop

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveSecureDrop

SecureDrop is a secure hub for journalists and whistleblowers to interact and trade vital information. Platforms like SecureDrop allow these carriers of truth to evade tracking.

Many news organizations and publishers now trust and rely on the value of anonymous whistleblowers on forums like SecureDrop. These companies have even set up their SecureDrop URLs as well. Some of these include:

  • The Washington Post: https://washingtonpost.securedrop.tor.onion/
  • The Financial Times: http://sdolvtfhatvsysc6l34d65ymdwxcujausv7k5jk4cy5ttzhjoi6fzvyd.onion/directory/financial-times/

18. Keybase

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Encrypted communication channelsYesYesInactiveKeybase

Keybase is a dark web messaging application that functions much like Signal and Whatsapp, except it is secure and private.

Another standout feature is that the servers can’t see what you type, copy, paste, or send. All of them are encrypted before they reach Keybase’s servers. To increase the security level, add password protection and determine the expiration time for messages.

(Keybase is temporarily offline)

19. ZeroBin

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Encrypted communication channelsYesYesActiveZeroBin

With ZeroBin, you can easily exchange encrypted messages within the dark web. With 256-bit AES encryption, this platform enforces its two-fold service of secure messaging and zero logs of your activity.

To use ZeroBin, copy the desired file or text and paste it into the ZeroBin editor. This generates a link that you can send to the desired recipient. You can also add password protection to the link for an extra layer of protection.

To send a message or image via ZeroBin, you just need to copy the desired content and paste it into ZeroBin’s editor. The editor will then create a link for you to forward to the sender. For those needing an additional layer of security, you can set it to disappear right after viewing.

20. ProtonMail

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Encrypted communication channelsYesYesActiveProtonMail

ProtonMail is another dark web email client on this list. The platform utilizes end-to-end encryption, ensuring it does not store any activity records. Like other email clients on the dark web, it does not require you to give your personal information.

The developers of ProtonMail recommend using the Tor browser to visit the dark web version of the service. This ensures greater security and privacy, making it much more difficult for snoopers to get in.

Proton also offers other security tools besides ProtonMail, such as Proton Drive, Proton Pass, Proton Calendar, and Proton VPN.

21. Riseup

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Encrypted communication channelsYesYesActiveRiseup

Riseup is a dark web platform that offers secure messaging solutions. It does not store logs and is protected from interference and malicious attacks.

The one hassle with using Riseup, however, is that you must have an invitation code from an existing user before you can create an account.

22. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Darknet marketYesYesActiveWasabi Wallet

Wasabi wallet is a prominent crypto wallet on the dark web. It is best suited for trading cryptocurrencies. It costs nothing to use this wallet, and since it’s open-source, anyone can inspect, verify, and contribute to the code.

With its nifty “conjoin” feature, users can combine different coins in one transaction, covering the user’s tracks and maintaining their anonymity. Finally, Wasabi Wallet is non-custodial, meaning you alone can access the encryption keys.

23. Torch

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Search engineYesYesActiveTorch

The Torch platform is among the most popular and long-standing dark web search engines, raking in over 80,000 daily search requests. It sources funds through advertisements that you can pay to use Bitcoin.

24. Imperial Library

Imperial Library
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
ForumYesYesActiveImperial Library

This platform functions much like the Comic Book Library. Still, while the latter has a large digital collection of comic books, the Imperial Library has a large collection of books.

The Imperial Library currently holds around 1.5 million books, some of which may be hosted illegally, and thus, their consumption might violate copyright laws. To protect yourself against any legal repercussions, you should consider a VPN.

25. Sci-hub

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesInactiveSci-hub

Sci-hub is a helpful dark web platform for those looking to access important research blocked by a paywall. This website aims to make research free and easy. You can access almost any published paper that would have otherwise been hidden behind a paywall.

Sci-hub has more than 80 million research documents, and more than 80% of the database contains journal research articles. Since these pages would otherwise be behind paywalls, it stands to reason that this would go against copyright laws. A VPN is a stellar way to stay protected from any consequences.

(Sci-hub is currently offline, but you can access it using its mirror sites: sci-hub.st and sci-hub.ru)

26. Comic Book Library

Comic Book Library
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveComic Book Library

The Comic Book Library is the home for all your comic book needs. You can access thousands of issues, from the most popular to the most niche. 

You may violate copyright laws, so use a VPN to protect yourself from any legal repercussions.

27. Tunnels  

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveTunnels

Read about the adventures of modern-day explorers who have made it their mission to venture into the tunnel network of huge American universities.

And yes, access to the tunnels is illegal and dangerous, which is why records of these “adventures” can only be found on the dark web.

28. Archive.today

TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveArchive.today

This platform is a time capsule with content, primarily web pages. It saves a select version of each page and preserves it even after upgrades have taken effect on the original site.

This is a great resource for users looking to refer to old prices or job listings that have changed or are outdated.

If you wish to access the snapshots of these websites, just type in the domain name, and you will get the results depending on how many records exist on the website.

29. Deep Web Radio

Deep Web Radio
TypeVPN compatibilityEncryptionStatusVisit URL
Media platformYesYesActiveDeep Web Radio

When surfing the dark web, you need some theme music to ensure you enjoy unrestricted access to whatever content you want. Deep Web Radio is a dark web radio resource that provides a large music collection.

The Tor browser option for streaming comes with eleven channels with varying genres.

How we selected these best .onion sites?

How we selected these dark websites

Reputation and trustworthiness

We ensured that the dark web sites we chose had reviews and feedback from real users on other forums; this way, we can be sure of the site’s reliability and legitimacy.


Since privacy and security are a concern while using the dark web, the websites you visit must have the encryption necessary (HTTPS, most preferably) to protect you.

Site longevity

We also made sure to select only sites that have been around for a considerable amount of time without being taken down or being the subject of any privacy or security scandals.

Forums and communities

Lastly, to stay up-to-date with the happenings on a particular dark web website, forums are set up as a hub for information exchange. A website without a forum lacks a connection with the user. It can’t provide solutions should users encounter issues while using the website.

What is the dark web? 

The dark web exists within the deep web and holds content that is accessible only using the Tor network. The websites in the dark web have the domain name ‘.onion’ as part of their URL.

The Tor browser is the most preferred browser for surfing the dark web because it creates encrypted pathways for user traffic, ensuring all the activities are anonymous.

However, the dark web’s anonymity makes it a hotbed for illicit actors and services, such as criminal groups and other nefarious activity. But it is not all bad; the dark web’s anonymity also allows well-meaning individuals such as whistleblowers and journalists to get their message out without being discovered.

Dangers of the dark web 


Below are some of the risks of using the dark web:

  • Malware attacks: The threat of malware is twofold. First, it is a commodity traded on the dark web. Second, malware lurks around sites, waiting to infect unsuspecting and unprotected systems. 
  • Scams: The dark web hosts individuals from all walks of life, including criminals. These criminals often offer attractive deals or investment opportunities that are scams. We advise you not to pay attention to any deal that looks too good.
  • Unsavory/illicit content: The dark web is no stranger to illegal activity and content and, as such, will, at any point in time, contain content that may not augur well with you — or even put you in trouble with law enforcement. 

How to browse the dark web on any device?

Use a VPN

Use a VPN

A VPN is a highly recommended online security software tool, as it can always keep your IP address and traffic safe and private. It accomplishes this by encrypting your traffic and keeping your IP address hidden from snoopers or law enforcement. Our recommended VPNs include:

  • NordVPN: Number one dark web VPN offering robust privacy and security features
  • ExtremeVPN: A value-for-money option with military-grade encryption and multiple servers
  • Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN offering multiple servers and unlimited simultaneous connections
  • ExpressVPN: Boasts multiple security and privacy features and also offers fast-speed servers
  • Private Internet Access: An affordable VPN with obfuscation technology

Best VPN for Dark web

NordVPN offers reliable protection against any risks associated with using dark websites. It is our top choice because of its top-notch security features, including a kill switch and DNS leak protection. In addition, NordVPN features Threat Protection to prevent malware infections when surfing the dark web.


With NordVPN’s double VPN feature, your traffic is routed through two servers for double encryption. It also includes a dark web monitoring feature that crawls the dark web and alerts you if your details show anywhere. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to safeguard your online activities with NordVPN while using the dark web.

Use the Tor browser

This browser is the most suitable option for accessing the dark web, thanks to its multiple layers of encryption. Each time you connect to a dark web link, your request and traffic are routed through at least three different server points, ensuring your IP remains hidden.

Use an Antivirus

We recommend installing a premium antivirus program for optimal protection against malware infections. 

Legitimate reasons why people use the dark web

  • Freedom fighters and activists can often take refuge in the dark web in places under strict online censorship. Thanks to its encryption and anonymity protocols, they can boldly disseminate information that would have remained suppressed. 
  • Non-activists within those regions can also use the dark web to engage in social media sites that would otherwise be restricted, such as Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Journalists can always trust the dark web to protect their and their sources’ privacy.
  • Many dark web users are just trying to access information they have been restricted from, such as traffic and location data. 
  • Others can also use it as their source for medical advice, especially if they are too uncomfortable discussing such issues with doctors face to face.

How to stay safe on the dark web?

How to stay safe on the dark web

With all the dangers associated with the dark web already listed in this article, here’s how you can stay safe:

  • Do not download files from the dark web: The dark web is littered with malware-infected files, so refrain from downloading any.
  • Be wary of any suspicious links: Do not click any links that look suspicious or promise something too good to be true.
  • Don’t give out your private data: Never divulge any private information on the dark web. If you must provide an email address, create one with privacy-oriented services like ProtonMail.
  • Don’t make any purchases on the dark web: No matter how great the deal is, we do not recommend buying anything from the dark web. Some of the items may have been obtained illegally. 
  • Use a VPN: Combining the Tor browser with a VPN is a great way to sidestep any restrictions and still stay protected against any threats that may be lurking. Your identity stays hidden the whole time.

Accessing the dark web is legal in itself; the nature of the activities you engage in ensures it stays that way. Criminals prefer the dark web because it offers anonymity like never before. But as long as you don’t knowingly engage in illicit activity on the dark web, you are completely fine.

Deep web or Dark web?

Deep web or Dark web?

While they might sound the same, these websites are fundamentally different.

The deep web represents a portion of the Internet you can’t access using a regular search engine. It makes up about 90% of the content found on the Internet.

The deep web is not a series of sites but a storehouse of records, including email accounts, medical records, private messages, and more. Access to the deep web requires the right set of credentials.

The dark web is a part of the deep web that contains websites not included in the mainstream search engine index. Access to the dark web must happen via the Tor browser.


The dark web has a reputation shrouded in mystery and can present as scary, but that’s not always the case. It can be a great resource hub for those seeking knowledge or an interesting experience for others who are curious.

However, we recommend using ample protective measures, such as a reliable VPN like NordVPN and an antivirus, whenever you surf the dark web.


Since you cannot access a library of dark web links using the regular Internet, you can check out platforms dedicated to indexing these sites, like The Hidden Wiki.

If the websites you visit use tracking scripts, third parties can monitor you. To avoid this, toggle off the javascript on your Tor browser. Also, refrain from putting any personal information on the dark web.

On their own, onion sites are harmless. Still, since they exist within the dark web, there is a high chance that malicious entities have co-opted one or more for illegal activities. Thus, staying connected to a VPN when you access these onion sites is vital.

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