10 Best Mobile Spy Apps in 2024

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Whatever your reasons for seeking spy apps, our detailed guide discusses the 10 best cell phone spying apps in 2024 to help you.

Radar Rundown
  • Norton Family is the most affordable and family-friendly spying app in 2024.

  • Using a spying app can be both legal and illegal.

  • Compatibility, affordability, and stealth mode are the best spying app features.

  • Setting up spying apps is as easy as choosing and downloading an app. Then, create an account, add a target account, and start spying.

It’s 2024, and many people want insight into certain data that is not privy to them. So, they employ spy apps to get the information they need. For parents, this could involve tracking their children’s online activity to ensure they’re not visiting harmful websites. Additionally, it could involve monitoring the employee activities of companies and organizations. 

In other cases, people consider spying apps to know if their partners are faithful or not. Whatever the case, we have compiled a list of 10 top cell phone spy apps for your use. You can spy on whomever you want from any location with any of these apps.

10 best phone spying apps in 2024: Quick list

  1. Norton Family: A spyware for parents to allow their children to use the internet.
  2. Qustodio: A spyware providing users top-notch services even as free trials.
  3. Eyezy: Popular for parental control and spying.
  4. Mspy: Top monitoring tool and cell phone tracker.
  5. Phonsee: Extensive phone tracker known to spy on many already installed apps.
  6. Scannero: Scouts any location by phone number.
  7. FlexiSpy: The most compatible spyware for Android devices.
  8. Spyic: Dedicated to helping parents keep track of their children’s online activities.
  9. Highster Mobile: Simple monitoring app for parents and employers to track cell phones.
  10. Spynger: The best app to catch an unfaithful partner.

How to set up spying apps on your device?

How to set up spy apps on your device

You can follow the steps below to set up any spying app or software you choose.

  1. Download and install the spy app from the App or Play Store.
  2. Create or log in to an existing account.
  3. Opt for a free version if available, or subscribe to a suitable plan.
  4. Enter the account or phone number you intend to track.
  5. Start tracking without even touching the person’s phone.

A quick comparison of the best mobile spy apps

Spy appsStarting priceStandout Spy featuresNumber of devicesFree trialMoney-back guarantee
Norton Family$49.99/yearReceives automatic information about your children’s address.UnlimitedNoYes
Qustodio$54.95/yearBlock inappropriate apps, games, and websites. Monitors real-time activity. Allows you to set time limits and helps locate your child’s location.Unlimited3Yes
Eyezy$119.88/yearWeb magnifier to visit their online searches. A connection blocker to not only see but block websites. 1-3NoYes
Mspy$139.92/yearAnonymity. Access to all SMS,  text messages, calls, and contact lists. Available GPS location. Can provide screenshots or screen recordings.1-3NoYes
Phonsee$106.2/yearAn advanced GPS mobile tracker that runs on the target’s device without a trace. It has a keylogging feature that allows access to the target’s data across different social apps.Unlimited NoYes
Scannero$49.80/monthIt has a database to search and identify your target. Track lost phone. Identify scam calls.Unlimited NoYes
FlexiSpy$179/yearGeo-fencing. Ability to send remote commands from the internet. Change the device’s software features1-3NoYes
Spyic$99.96/yearStraight access to the target’s WhatsApp, Snapchat, and SMS. GPS location tracking.1-3NoYes
Highster Mobile$140.04/yearRemote access to calls, emails, and text messages.UnlimitedNoYes
Spynger$111.36/yearIt allows you to view live keystrokes using the keylogger feature, screen record whatever information you want, and access many social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Tinder.NoNoYes

10 best mobile phone spying apps in 2024: Our detailed list

mobile monitoring apps in 2024: Our detailed list

With an introduction to our top cell phone spying apps, let us discuss their features, pros, and cons in detail.

1. Norton Family

Norton Family
Our Rating


Unlimited device connections

Fewer features for iOS devices

Visit Norton Family

It is a mobile tracking app that allows parental control of children’s devices. With Norton Family, parents can create content filters for their children’s age. This way, children are not exposed to adult content. But if it happens, parents can take better measures to prevent it from happening again. Parents can also set time limits using Norton.

Norton Family

The Norton Family app monitors content using the content filters you set. It ensures that your child does not access content outside your set restrictions. You get notifications whenever your child downloads a new app so that you can ask them about it. In addition, you can efficiently manage your child’s time using the screen management feature.

This app allows you to monitor what your child searches on any search engine. You can also track your child’s location as long as you turn on Location Supervision. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and it costs $49.99 for a yearly subscription.


  • It is by far the most affordable cell phone spying app.
  • Norton Family offers age-appropriate restriction settings.
  • It allows unlimited device connections.
  • Blocks unwanted apps and can filter content to fit your needs.


  • It offers fewer features for iOS devices than it does for Android devices.
  • Mature children can bypass content filters.

2. Qustodio

Our Rating


Location monitoring and a panic button

Less compatibility with iOS devices

Visit Qustodio

Qustodio is a mobile tracking app trusted by many parents. It helps them protect and supervise their children’s online activities, creating a risk-free online environment for their children. Qustodio is compatible with iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.


In addition, it allows web and content filtering so you can determine what your children watch and schedule how long you want them to scroll on the internet. Qustodio also blocks apps and games while providing monthly history reports. This app costs $54.95 yearly for the basic version and $99.95 yearly for the complete version.


  • It is easy to install and use.
  • Offers location monitoring and a panic button.
  • It is compatible with many devices.


  • It has less compatibility with iOS devices.
  • There is no protection if you decide to uninstall the software.

3. Eyezy

Our Rating


Various subscription options

Spyware installation takes time

Visit Eyezy

Eyezy is a spy app for monitoring people’s online activity without their knowledge. It is a reliable spyware for parents and employers because they can easily use it to manage what their children and employees do when they’re online.

With its user-friendly interface, Eyezy features a web magnifier that allows you to see the websites your targets visit. This feature lets you understand their interests and delete controversial sites from their device. It also has a file finder tool that allows users to search the target’s device for multimedia content.


This spying app’s built-in keylogger can read and record the target device’s keystrokes, while its Magic Alert feature creates an alert for harmful conversations on the target’s phone. Furthermore, the website blocker allows you to block selected apps or websites.

Eyezy also logs real-time data and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Its subscription costs $47.99 monthly, but you can get another plan at $83.97 for three months or select the yearly plan, which costs $119.99.


  • It offers a free trial version.
  • Eyezy offers various subscription options.
  • It does not need physical access to install the spyware on your target’s device.
  • Supports social media apps and allows you to read chats.


  • The trial version is only for Android devices.
  • Installing the spyware takes time.

4. Mspy

Our Rating


Keylogger records every keystroke

Difficult installation

Visit Mspy

Mspy is a spy app that parents use to control their children’s internet activities. It also functions as a tool for catching a cheating partner and tracking employees. This app gives you access to your target’s private messages on their social media apps.  Its website blocker feature blocks targets from visiting certain sites, especially harmful ones.


You can access and block your target’s bookmarks for illicit content later. Mspy is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and a subscription plan costs $48.99 monthly,$84 for three months, and $140.04 yearly.

Note that if you intend to spy on an adult with the Mspy software, you must first seek their consent.


  • Grants you access to all texts, including deleted ones.
  • The keylogger records every keystroke, including deleted texts by the target.
  • You have full access to the target’s call and text data.
  • It provides customer help in different languages.


  • There are no free trials.
  • Installation of the Mspy app can be difficult.

5. Phonsee

Our Rating


Advanced GPS tracking features

Expensive subscription

Visit Phonsee

Phonsee is a mobile tracker app that enables its users to check others’ data using the stealth mode. It also allows users to locate their loved ones or anyone else they choose. Phonsee has GPS and geofencing features that allow users to access history and set safety zones. It also grants users full access to their target’s calls, text messages, emails, and contact data.


Another plus for Phonsee is that its tracker is untraceable. It also has a keylogger that functions perfectly on Android and iOS devices. Users can subscribe to this app for $42.51 monthly, $74.37 for 3 months, and $106.2 a year.


  • It offers an extensive and precise tracking operation.
  • Phonsee has advanced GPS tracking features.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Phonsee is beneficial for organizational and private investigation purposes.
  • It operates in stealth mode.


  • Its intensive tracking capabilities cause it to be a moral and privacy concern.
  • Subscription is expensive.

6. Scannero

Our Rating


Accessible to all mobile phones and computers

Not cost-effective

Visit Scannero

Scannero is a one-of-a-kind mobile tracking app. This software can track a device’s location by inputting the phone number or sending a message. It does not need physical contact to connect; it is simple and easy to use.


This spy app provides accurate real-time tracking data. It also operates geofencing, allowing users to set up online boundaries for their devices. Additionally, there are no software installations, so Scannero is available on various devices. It also has commendable round-the-clock customer help. 

Scannero is compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile devices, and its subscription costs $49.80 a month.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • You can access Scannero from any device.
  • It is 100% secure.
  • Scannero does not need any software installation.
  • It is accessible to all mobile phones and computers.


  • The target must grant access before Scannero can work.
  • It doesn’t share phone activities. It only shares live location details.

7. FlexiSpy

Our Rating


Offers a free trial

Complication to rooting target device

Visit FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a mobile spying app designed for individuals, parents, and employers. They can use the app to keep an eye on the activities of their children, employees, and others. It is a tool that allows its users to access another mobile device.


With FlexiSpy, users can track their target’s incoming and outgoing calls. This app also monitors the target’s text, SMS, MMS, and cancel messages. In addition, you can check the target device’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat activities. You can also log every keystroke, noting passwords or text messages sent or deleted.

This software is compatible with Android, iOS, and desktop devices. FlexiSpy subscription costs $79 monthly, $119 for three months, and  $179 for a year.


  • It offers a free trial.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • FlexiSpy allows you to track a device in real time.
  • It has 24/7 customer support service.


  • It requires rooting the target device which could get complicated.

8. Spyic

Our Rating


Friendly interface

Very expensive

Visit Spyic

Spyic is a cell phone spying app that monitors and reports accurate data, such as location, calls, or texts. With this software, you can track all website history on your target device. You can also track SIM card details such as the IMEI number and still know when someone replaces it.


This spy app enables you to read all WhatsApp messages, including private ones. You can also track all incoming and outgoing calls with Spyic. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and is priced at $49.99 monthly, $69.99 for three months, and $119.99 yearly.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Spyic features favor social apps more.
  • It has many plans for iOS and Android.


  • The basic plan has limitations.
  • Its Android version is better than the iOS.

9. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile
Our Rating


Online installation

Poor customer service

Visit Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a tracking app designed for parents and employers to check their children’s and employees’ online behavior. This app stores calls and text data, including deleted ones. It also provides extensive information about incoming and outgoing calls on a device.

Highster Mobile

It allows users direct access to images and videos on the connected device. Highster Mobile provides real-time data using the device’s GPS data. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This app costs $48.99 monthly, $84 for three months, and $140.04 for a year.


  • Ability to track social platforms.
  • You can install it online.
  • Allows access to images and videos.


  • Scammers can manipulate it.
  • It requires rooting to gain access.

10. Spynger

Our Rating


GPS tracking system

No free trials

Visit Spynger

Spynger is the ultimate app for tracking a cheating partner. It collects data to prove or deny the suspicions of your partner cheating. Spynger is like a private investigator who tracks and logs real-time data like calls, texts, and website visits. 

Spynger features real-time location tracking, allowing users to access the target’s live location. Users can block incoming calls on the target’s phone and record call logs, conversations, and specific apps. In addition, Spynger tracks your target’s social media apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.


With this spying app, users can screen record keystrokes, and its stealth mode feature allows it to operate in the background. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and is ideal for more complex tracking operations. Spynger costs $44.56 monthly, $155.95 quarterly, and $111.36 yearly.

However, before you use Spynger, read its terms and conditions carefully. Furthermore, consider local laws and regulations when deciding what to share and who to give permission to.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • The keylogger feature records every keystroke on the other person’s device.
  • Spynger logs call and text data.
  • It has a GPS tracking system.


  • It is not cost-effective.
  • There are no free trials or demos available.

How we selected these mobile spying apps

10 Best Cell Phone Spying Apps in 2024

There are factors to consider when selecting the best spying apps for your mobile device. Here are the key points for selecting all 10 spying apps on our list so you know what to look for when choosing a reliable one.

  • Features and capabilities: A spy app rich in perks will guarantee that you enjoy using the app more. As a result, we were on the lookout for features like call monitoring, location tracking, and multimedia access.
  • Stealth and security: The whole idea of spying is to do it. So, we looked for apps that offer stealth mode. This allows you to get all the information you want and remain invisible to your target.
  • Compatibility: Your device will determine what spy app you download, so we chose apps that work well with various devices. Some spy apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices but offer fewer features to iOS devices.
  • Easy usage: We based our recommendations on spy apps that are easy to use. So, ensure to choose one with an interface that you can navigate.
  • Customer support: This is important in selecting the best mobile spying app. So, we chose spy apps with a rapid response rate to customer complaints. 
  • Customer reviews: Customers leave honest reviews on services or apps they use, so we chose spy apps with positive reviews. 

Why do you need spy apps?

Many Spy apps are available in the market, but why does anyone need one? Here are a couple of reasons:

  • Communication monitoring: Parents want to monitor their children, so they use spying apps to monitor their social media communication, including text messages and call logs. Spy apps can also create screen time limits and access browsing histories. 
  • GPS tracking: Spy apps with GPS tracking features allow you to monitor your target’s location in real-time. As a result, spy apps are necessary to track your child’s location and ensure their safety.
  • Relationship monitoring: For people who do not trust their partners, spying apps can help them track their location or device.
  • Employee monitoring: Employers set up spying apps to track workers using devices given to them by the company. They do this to ensure that employees are keeping company rules.

How to know if someone is using a spy app to watch you?

How to know if someone is using a spy app to watch you

It might be hard to spot someone using a spy app to check your online activity. Because most of them are in stealth mode. However, there are signs to watch out for and some of them include:

  1. Unnecessary overheating of your device
  2. Deteriorating battery health
  3. Random device reboots
  4. Odd noise while on a call
  5. The device takes longer to start or shut
  6. Strange messages
  7. Increased battery drainage
  8. Unusual activity in standby mode
  9. Random pop-ups
  10. Phishing emails
  11. Your phone starts to lag

Installing a reliable antivirus system and running regular scans on your device can help you detect potential malware or spyware. In addition, using a strong password on your phone and avoiding unfamiliar WiFi connections are essential. Spy apps can easily monitor an unlocked or unsecure phone.

Always look out for unfamiliar apps because spy apps often seem harmless. Most importantly, if you are concerned that someone is using spyware to track your phone, get professional assistance from a cybersecurity specialist or a law enforcement agency.

How to protect yourself from phone spy apps?

How to protect yourself from phone spy apps
  • Download apps from trusted sources only: Malicious spy apps often come from malicious websites. So, it is best to download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Use a secure password and opt for the two-factor authentication option: Create a password that is secure. Then, set up two-factor authentication. This will alarm you when there are any malicious attempts on your device.
  • Grant permissions to selected apps: When you grant permission in settings, be sure that you know what you are granting permission to. Read the text and select the apps you grant permission to.
  • Track your device’s phone and battery usage: Check your phone for any unusual changes. For context, look at the list under the subheading “How to know if someone is using a spy app to track you.”
  • Use a VPN: VPNs have military-grade encryption that ensures no malicious entries. Using the best VPN can avert your chances of having spyware on your device.

The legality of mobile spying apps depends on how you use them. There needs to be a consensual agreement for it to be legal. If you install spyware on someone else’s device, the person must know and consent to it. Spying on someone using an app without their consent is illegal.


Using spy apps is tricky because it is both legal and illegal under different circumstances. As a parent and employer, you have legal rights to use certain spying software. However, these rights are for specific durations, and anything outside these reasons may be illegal

Whatever the case, our list contains the best mobile phone spy apps. You can anonymously spy on any device you choose with any of them.


Most spying apps are in stealth mode, but you can run security scans on your device to detect if there are any. You can also check your most recent downloads and cut anything that feels off.

If you notice an unauthorized spy app on your device, you can conduct an antivirus scan or reset your phone to factory settings. Changing your passwords would be a good idea, but these spying apps have keyloggers, so see a professional instead.

You can run regular security checks and rotate passwords, consider using different passwords for separate accounts, not click on suspicious links, and download anti-spy apps.

Using a spy app is only legal when both parties consent to it. But, there is an exemption for parents to use spy apps on children below 18. There is also an exception for employers. To prevent private work from getting out, they can install spyware on their employees’ devices. In the end, it is best to consult a legal head.

Updating the operating system of your device could be the solution you are looking for. Operating system updates typically come with security updates. They can wipe out spy apps.

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